Equipment Management Program

Equipment Management Program contracts are multi-year agreements that will provide a comprehensive approach to the management of biomedical devices. The highlights of the Program are:
  • On site Service Staff
  • Equipment Management (Safety / Performance Assurance, 
    Preventive Maintenance, Repairs)
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Quality Assessment Tracking and Performance Improvement
  • Contract Consolidation - All Vendors
  • Multi-year Agreements
  • Test Equipment and Tools Provided
  • Expert Repairs - AAMI Certified Technicians
  • Regulatory Agency Compliance (JCAHO, State, FDA etc.)
  • Cost Control

Equipment Management
Program Details

In-House Staffing

  • On- site technical manager & necessary program staff

  • Technical & Administrative support.

Equipment Management

  • Inventory Process.       
    (Continuous tracking insures accuracy.)

  • Logical Inspection Scheduling

  • Workload distribution

  • Expert Repairs

  • AAMI Certified Technicians

  • Committee participation.     
    (EOC, Safety, Pre-Purchase Evaluation etc.)

  • Vendor Control

  • Device recall tracking.
    Incident reporting

  • FDA MDR Process

  • Computerized Databases
    provides all necessary reports

  • JCAHO Survey attendance

Maintenance Services

  • Expert repairs

  • Safety & Performance     assurance testing

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Departmental rounds

  • Highest quality parts.
    OEM supplied or better quality.)

  • Incoming ES/PA Inspections
    (Electrical safety / Performance Assurance.)

Support Services

  • JCAHO survey participation
    Our AAMI Certified representative presents to the surveyor our Equipment Management program in a professional manner.)

  • In-service education of hospital staff

  • Quality Assurance reporting

  • Technical support

  • Equipment evaluation

  • Pre-purchase consultation.

    Financial Control

  • Fixed annual price.

  • No start-up costs.

  • No FTE's.

  • No capital investment.

  • Multi-year contract price control.

  • Multi-facility discounting available.


Cost Savings

  • Elimination of start-up costs.

  • Minimize paperwork and processing costs.

  • Increase equipment utilization.

  • Initial program savings.

  • Predictable Costs.

  • Planned Maintenance.

    Minimize Paperwork

  • One purchase order to process.

  • No additional contracts to negotiate.

  • One invoice to process.

  • No reimbursements to administer.

    Improved Equipment Utilization

  • Extends the life of equipment.

  • Improves up-time.

  • Minimizes Department Head involvement.

  • Improves response time and repair cycle.